Hi, I’m Alex! I’m a designer, writer, and martial artist based in Chicago.

About me

My pronouns are they/them.

By day, I’m a UX designer who specializes in user research and accessibility. I believe that access to technology is a human right.

I write about how design and technology relate to ethics and oppression. Check out my Medium for more (I recommend the bathroom article).

I practice martial arts as a tool of resistance and healing - specifically Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, Kali/Eskrima, and Boxing.

Access Guide

Access Guide is an illustrated, simplified version of WCAG 2.1 (web content accessibility guidelines) that helps people create more accessible websites and apps.

An accessible website is as essential as an entrance with a ramp, and yet our world is littered with inaccessible websites and apps. But I get it, tech teams have it hard with limited time, resources, and knowledge. That’s why I’m creating a tool that provides an introduction to accessibility that’s exciting and understandable instead of dense and overwhelming.

Access Guide is my main side hustle outside of my day job. I am working with a rad group of people to bring you some rad resources. Interested in learning more? Email me at alexyingchen@gmail.com.

Art & Collaboration

I love and support my community of artists (especially queer artists of color)!

Rebirth Garments

Rebirth Garments is a wearables line for the full spectrum of gender, size, and ability. I’ve modeled for a number of shows and photoshoots, and designed a line of laser cut earrings with them.


Performing drag

Sometimes I dress up as a drag king (Tofu Daddy) or a drag queen (Tofu Mama) for fun! In general, I love and support Chicago’s queer nightlife.

Hit me up

Reach out if you’d like to:

  • Ask me to speak about accessibility

  • Ask me to perform drag

  • Ask me to collaborate on your art project

  • Report an accessibility issue on this website

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